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  • It looks as though the dependencies now include gcc so maybe if you try running brew install gcc first?
    Here are screenshots of what happens when I try to right click and open libssl (although the version in the latest xmr-stak I compiled and is available for download on this site is version 1.1 so I'm not sure which you're using)

  • I got "xmr-stak 2.10.1 and xmr-stak-xr 1.0.0 compiled for CPU and OpenCL (AMD)" from your download page. It produced the results I described earlier. As I right-click on the lib file, I get this:

    But I simply downloaded this one because, frankly, I thought that's the latest greatest, plus in the description it mentions GPU mining. But then later I read on a forum you don't recommend GPU mining of monero on macs, because of overheating. Is that warning still valid? Should I download another version? Which one includes libssl1.1.dylib?

  • Ah, what currency/algorithm are you trying to mine? xmr-stak was replaced by xmr-stak-rx when the algorithm was changed for Monero, so if you want to GPU mine the latest I compiled is 1.0.2 or 1.0.4 for just CPU mining.

    It's extremely inefficient to GPU mine on a Mac, unless you boot up in Linux or Windows, as macOS has very bad GPU drivers. The return would be far lower than the energy costs, and even if your power is free the heat can potentially cause the Mac (especially laptops) damage, I believe extended heat output causes display issues along the bottom of the screen on some MacBooks. It also renders the system near unusable while it's in operation, so you might as well boot in to an OS with better GPU drivers.

  • as far as the error msg because of the macos security you can also do it with the terminal as described in the instructions.

    you can use the command in Terminal sudo xattr -rd /path/to/libssl.1.0.0.dylib (easiest to type in sudo xattr -rd and then drag libssl.1.0.0.dylib in to the Terminal window so it autofills the path). This adds an exception for the library

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