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xmr-stak 2.3 for osx

Hi!! Is there any chance that you would be compiling the latest version of xmr-stak for osx? This the one that will work with the upcoming change.



  • Will do, I'll post here once I've made a binary available.

  • Thank you!! That will be awesome.

  • I am also waiting with bated breath for this update, any guess on timing?

  • Hey new user to the forum! Installed 2.1 cpu and works great. My mac has a nvidia GPU. Will that be supported in the 2.3 update you're compiling? I'm trying to wrap my head around how to use home brew to try compiling myself.

  • I'll be putting those online today here:

    2.3 cpu only is there at time of writing, amd and possibly nvidia for 10.13.4 specifically to follow

  • 2.3 AMD is there now too, please let me know whether these binaries are working for you guys.

  • Working beautifully for me right now!! Thanks very much!

  • Working for me too! What is it that makes the nvidia part hard? I can't find it anywhere and don't understand how to use homebrew myself?

  • The main reason nvidia is hard is because it uses CUDA and nvidia written drivers while AMD cards just use drivers bundled with macOS. The nvidia drivers change with every minor update of macOS. The current CUDA doesn't work with the current Xcode command line tools which means if I want to compile it I have to install an older version of those just for that purpose.

  • Is there anyway to mine with the intel GPU? Two of my macbooks have intel gpu and the one oldest one has nvidia. Thanks for that explanation though that is good. I also have a windows tower that I will get a card for eventually and want to understand which one I should go with on windows too.

  • Technically the AMD one is an OpenCL miner and theoretically may work on nvidia and intel GPUs Not totally sure that's true of xmr-stak which is more intensive and seems to have more hardware requirements built in but it's true of miners based on cgminer. It's just not as efficient as CUDA for nvidia. Intel are probably not worth using but you can see how it goes with the amd miner.

  • This is working for me. Could you recompile with dev donation at 0.0%. I don't like that 2% because I donate directly with each version...

  • Could you recompile with dev donation at 0.0%. :'(

  • Update, with stock rig, getting lots of bad shares

  • a CPU only version without libmicrohttpd for 10.11 would be greatly appreciated

  • Has it been pulled? Getting a 404 Not Found when I click on 2.4.1 on the homepage.

  • Sorry about that, I'd initially labeled them as 2.3 when they were in fact 2.4.1 and inadvertently changed the link as well as the description to the amd download. That's fixed now!

    I'll do the next version without libmicrohttpd and donations at 0%. In my experience very few donations are made to open source miner software though so I would encourage everyone to support the developers of xmr-stak who've done a far better job of supporting macOS than any other alt coin in a long time.

    @xmrer can you provide the stats you're getting, hardware details, what currency you're mining and your intensity config please? Sometimes that issue can be solved by decreasing your intensity.

  • I am using an egpu with rx580 and internal iMac gpu Radeon Pro 555 to mine XMR only.

    intensity seems kinda low...I have always set it myself in the past, does the new xmr-stak do it for you??

    "gpu_threads_conf" : [
    // gpu: AMD Radeon RX 580 Compute Engine memory:1920
    // compute units: 36
    { "index" : 0,
    "intensity" : 832, "worksize" : 8,
    "affine_to_cpu" : false, "strided_index" : 1, "mem_chunk" : 2,
    "comp_mode" : true
    // gpu: AMD Radeon Pro 555 Compute Engine memory:384
    // compute units: 12
    { "index" : 1,
    "intensity" : 112, "worksize" : 8,
    "affine_to_cpu" : false, "strided_index" : 1, "mem_chunk" : 2,
    "comp_mode" : true

    Difficulty : 5956
    Good results : 9782 / 12353 (79.2 %)
    Avg result time : 9.5 sec
    Pool-side hashes : 43956845

    Top 10 best results found:
    | 0 | 206959295 | 1 | 19091788 |
    | 2 | 14762201 | 3 | 13636508 |
    | 4 | 10854047 | 5 | 10362330 |
    | 6 | 9603040 | 7 | 8956550 |
    | 8 | 8629908 | 9 | 7328704 |

    Error details:
    | Count | Error text | Last seen |
    | 2237 | AMD Invalid Result GPU ID 0 | 2018-04-07 06:13:58 |
    | 333 | AMD Invalid Result GPU ID 1 | 2018-04-07 06:10:50 |
    | 1 | Stale job. | 2018-04-06 08:29:51 |
    [2018-04-07 06:14:16] : Result accepted by the pool.
    [2018-04-07 06:14:25] : Result accepted by the pool.

  • How do I change the configuration on xmr-stak-amd on the mac? I get this message... Thread 0 has invalid config.
    Thank you for your help!

  • edited April 2018

    hmmm, now since I copied that info posted above it won't mine at all on GPU. I get this error:

    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : Mining coin: monero7
    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : Compiling code and initializing GPUs. This will take a while...
    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : WARNING: using non AMD device: Apple
    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : Device 0 work size 8 / 32.
    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : OpenCL device 0 - Load precompiled cod from file /Users/home/.openclcache/541d274ecd8aaaa52acf8b701822ce65ecc9e2039c0d35ff75f238125d6f8c56.openclbin
    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : Error CL_INVALID_VALUE when calling clCreateProgramWithBinary. Try to delete file /Users/home/.openclcache/541d274ecd8aaaa52acf8b701822ce65ecc9e2039c0d35ff75f238125d6f8c56.openclbin
    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : WARNING: AMD device not found
    [2018-04-07 09:30:44] : WARNING: backend AMD disabled..

  • Hi. I am getting this error. What am I doing wrong? I am trying to mine the new CN7. Is that what this thread is about?

    Last login: Sat Apr 7 10:32:46 on console
    Miner-1:~ miner-1$ cd /Applications/xmr-stak-amd
    Miner-1:xmr-stak-amd miner-1$ ./xmr-stak
    dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _clock_gettime
    Referenced from: /Applications/xmr-stak-amd/./libmicrohttpd/lib/libmicrohttpd.12.dylib
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

    dyld: Symbol not found: _clock_gettime
    Referenced from: /Applications/xmr-stak-amd/./libmicrohttpd/lib/libmicrohttpd.12.dylib
    Expected in: /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib

    Trace/BPT trap: 5
    Miner-1:xmr-stak-amd miner-1$

  • on a Mac Pro with 10.13.1 I get a compiling error:
    [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : Mining coin: monero7
    [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : Compiling code and initializing GPUs. This will take a while...
    [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : WARNING: using non AMD device: Apple
    [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : Device 0 work size 8 / 32.
    [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : OpenCL device 0 - Precompiled code /Users/k/.openclcache/deeed73bb04c83e8af2a38d78b5fb3575c9bf1e3aac8357722602c4863a66ce1.openclbin not found. Compiling ...
    Illegal instruction: 4

    same setting on an iMac 27 are working ok.

    cpu only version works as expected

  • did someone managed to run the 2.4.1 amd version on a mac pro with 10.13?

  • A bunch of people seem to have been using it without issue. Not sure what the problem is you ran in to but you could try the newly released 2.4.3 version

  • i also run it on an imac without problems. same system config.
    with 2.4.3 there is another problem (different thread)

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