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sgminer w/ X16R support?



  • Unfortunately this code is broken for macOS, I can compile but running it I get:

    ulong FAST_ROTL64_HI(const uint2 x, const uint y) { return(as_ulong(amd_bitalign(x.s10, x, 32 - (y - 32)))); }
    error: invalid reinterpretation: sizes of 'ulong' (aka 'unsigned long') and 'int' must match
    ulong FAST_ROTL64_HI(const uint2 x, const uint y) { return(as_ulong(amd_bitalign(x.s10, x, 32 - (y - 32)))); }
    ^ [11:13:29] Failed

    I'll raise an issue on GitHub.

  • I'll check it out probably over the weekend, although it says linux installation instructions 'coming soon' so cross fingers it'll compile/run okay…

  • Yippie! You the man! Also, have you considered launching a mac miner 4 with a dev fee? Ill help you shill the crap out of it you want :)

  • edited October 2018

    What features would you be looking for in an updated MacMiner? I'm not sure whether the fee would really bring anything in or whether there's much demand for it but thanks.

    That sgminer took quite a bit of messing with but I got it compiled in the end. I made sure it ran but I haven't tried mining with it so please try and share your results with us.

    Available for 10.12+ here:

    (I didn't make absolutely sure all the dependencies included are the correct versions so please also let me know if that causes a problem or if not whether you have brew installed openssl, libidn and curl)

    For anyone interested in compiling it themselves, you'll need:

    The usual change to util.c (remove the code that runs if CLOCK_MONOTONIC is defined or tell it not to run on Apple)

    edit algorithm/x17.c and add 'static' before
    inline void x17hash(void *state, const void *input)
    void init_X17hash_contexts()

    remove these two lines from sgminer.c
    FILE _iob[] = { *stdin, *stdout, *stderr };
    extern "C" FILE * __cdecl __iob_func(void) { return _iob; }

    and in the two files that reference cl.h change
    #include <CL/cl.h>

    #if defined(APPLE) || defined(__MACOSX)
    #include <OpenCL/cl.h>
    #include <CL/cl.h>

    I think that was everything… if it works I'll raise an issue on GitHub.

  • Thanks! You the man! i was just thinking the "Honeyminer" has had a lot of success and they are a 8% dev fee. Just put in a script that mines to yourself every 8 out of 100 minutes. Then drive your lambo into the sunset never to be seen again.

  • getting this error though: Started sgminer-kl 1.0.6
    :93:26: warning: unknown OpenCL extension 'cl_amd_media_ops2' -

    pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_amd_media_ops2 : enable

    [16:51:43] Failed to init GPU thread 0, disabling device 0
    [16:51:43] Restarting the GPU from the menu will not fix this.
    [16:51:43] Re-check your con

  • and this Started sgminer-kl 1.0.6

    pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_amd_media_ops : enable


    :93:26: warning: unknown OpenCL extension 'cl_amd_media_ops2' -

    pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_amd_media_ops2 : enable

    [16:52:09] Failed to init GPU thread 1, disabling device 1
    [16:52:09] thread_prepare failed for thread 1Segmentation fault: 11

  • NEVERMIND - had to do:

    export GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=100

    will let you know how well it performs!

  • Ravencoin is actually a really legit project.. but don't take my word for it i'm just an intern.

  • That's unfortunate! This error means the code is designed specifically for users with the AMD drivers installed which are not available for mac.

    That's part of the reason miners which do work for the AMD cards in Macs run slower… with the decreased speed and smaller user base I'm not sure a honeyminer style project would fund a lambo but luckily I drive a vespa. If I ever figure out how to port the code over to Metal (Apple's replacement for OpenCL) I'll give it a shot though!

  • Why dont you update the latest macminer to make all the algos switch to your pool every 5 out of 100 minutes? how would you do that for this one?

    Or do 2.5 minutes you and 2.5 minutes me and I'll promote it for you :)

  • I might think about it now that google keep putting up 'malicious software' warnings and thus prevent me advertising, but I don't really like the idea on the whole. Plus I'd have to maintain wallets for every mining algorithm out there O.O

    It would make sense if I were updating MacMiner regularly but right now I'm mostly just compiling random miners for people and it doesn't feel like enough work to take the donations that if anyone should go to the original developer of the miner! Right now the only new features planned for MacMiner are support for Mojave Dark Mode and that was about 15mins messing around :)

  • I just think its amazing you were able to build a GUI in the first place.. how would I even get started with that?

    What about just a Ravencoin miner for Mac GUI only?

    OMG - what if you made a "XRP Miner for Mac" that was really just an XMR miner that automatically converted XMR for XRP on their account (at a 20% conversion fee).

    That would be genius - XRP is not mineable because its a centralized shitcoin but XRP people are dumb and would probably not care as long as they got more XRP :smiley:

    Thanks again for all compiling all this stuff for us! You the man!

  • Well the code is on Github so you can check out how it all works:

    It's messy old Objective-C code from years ago though!

    I'd make a GUI miner for a specific currency if it was paid for but otherwise there's no advantage to removing the functionality from MacMiner itself.

    That's a smart idea for a ripple miner but I don't want people thinking I'm pulling some kind of con job! Plus it probably wouldn't bring much in and sorting out the taxes would be a nightmare :/

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