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MacMiner 1.5.18 released

edited February 2014 in General
1.5.18 already!

• Now feeds the GPU Miner to API Output and MobileMiner (please reapply your pool settings for your pool and coin to be reflected accurately in MobileMiner)

•Improves several app behaviours 

• Allows you to start the miner window you have in focus with command-S 

• Changes the SHA256d/Scrypt CPU miner back to Pooler's



  • There seems to be a problem with the release number. You've called it v.1.5.18 but it appears to be 1.5.17c. When I open the app it tells me that I have 1.5.17c and that I need to update to v.1.5.18. When I check in the "About MacMiner" section indeed it says 1.5.17c.
  • I'm not seeing that issue - are you sure it wasn't an old MacMiner lying around? Please check it's from
  • My apologies, I renamed an old app with v.1.5.18. That is what happens when you do 5 things at the same time! You can delete my comments here as they are useless.
  • edited February 2014
    Will the bugs that I reported on 1.5.16b be fixed in the next update?
    Last version where this was functional was on 1.5.16. The latest version 1.5.18 did not fix it.

    I would also like to add another recommendation. Instead of configuring pools by type of algorithm wouldn't be better to configure pools by coins. For example at present I can't have litecoin and dogecoin configured at the same time since they are both scrypt and therefore I need to erase one configuration in order to configure the other.
  • Whoops I missed all the important ones didn't I! Will add this to the thread I created to keep track of things

    About configure by coins, I see your point but the list of coins would be huge, I plan to make it so any pool you set is remembered if you replace it but then want to go back to it, so the pool is in the list and when you select it it autofills user/pass
  • edited February 2014
    No worries. Also, I had a nasty crash with 1.5.18 few minutes ago. I was configuring Dogecoin and I forgot to input the port. The log was telling me he could not connect. I realised I had forgotten the port. I went back to input the port in the pool preferences, saved and started the GPU miner again. It worked for 5 seconds and then KABOOM, MacMiner crashed. The only problem was that not only had it crashed, it also left cgminer running in the background. Everything was frozen and it took me like 10 good minutes to access the Activity Monitor in order to kill the process. Here is the report:

    Process:         MacMiner [1177]
    Path:            /Applications/BitCoins/
    Identifier:      com.fabulouspanda.macminer
    Version:         1.5.18 (1518)
    Code Type:       X86-64 (Native)
    Parent Process:  launchd [199]
    Responsible:     MacMiner [1177]
    User ID:         501

    Date/Time:       2014-02-20 20:44:51.767 +0700
    OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.9.1 (13B42)
    Report Version:  11

    Crashed Thread:  0  Dispatch queue:

    Exception Type:  EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
    Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000276

    VM Regions Near 0x276:
        __TEXT                 0000000100882000-00000001008bd000 [  236K] r-x/rwx SM=COW  /Applications/BitCoins/
  • Ack, I'll try to reproduce it - I don't suppose you have the full crash log?
  • edited February 2014
    I do. Sending it now by email.
  • I also saw a load of crash reports from cgminer in my DiagnosticReport folder. Need that too?
  • Thanks for the email, just that is fine, the crash reports for cgminer are almost certainly from when the MaxCoin cgminer 3.6.6 kept auto restarting
  • Maybe. Those cgminer crashes were under MacMiner 1.5.17b and they all happened at the same time, 20 of them.
  • that sounds like it fits right? I found the new one auto restarts around 400,000 accepted shares instead of around 6000 so it's a good thing that's working properly :/
  • edited February 2014
    Yeap. I haven't seen any crashes of cgminer since those ones this morning and I have been running 1.5.17c all day long :)
  • edited February 2014
    V.1.5.18 crashed today. I launched the app in the morning and crashed around noon. I have sent you the crash log. cgminer didn't crash though and kept mining in the background.
  • Oh no! Thanks for the log - could you please try disabling check for updates in prefs? I'm wondering whether that'll caused the issue.
  • @polanskiman very sorry for the bug, it appears to have been a problem with the auto update check which is on an 8 hour timer right now - this is fixed now in  1.5.18b
  • For an auto update that seems a bit too short. I would be you I would extend that to a day or two minimun. I will try the new version.
  • edited February 2014
    I have seen that the pool setting bug has been corrected although several others are still there.

    I also have a few suggestions for the next update:

    - Review all previously reported bugs by users and test the app more thouroughtly prior making it available. If you want I can help testing them on my MBP and MacPro. Of course that doesn't cover all Mac platforms and OS but it's better than nothing.
    - Could the output window of the miner be tabbed? Meaning, one tab for the logs generated by MacMiner (the startup output with pool info etc) and the another tab for the miner output (Hash rate, shares, etc)? Reason I ask is because every x amount of lines the output flushes logs entries.

    - Look at the Asteroid App. I know you are not in good terms with the developer but his app has some good points. Specially the pool configuration method and the ability to configure the pool and having it readily available for mining when needed instead of going to the config pane to do the mods. This is more convenient for the user. Unfortunately the app is way more buggy than I can tolerate so I am not using it.

    That's all for now.
  • I've been in a panic trying to figure out what's causing some users to crash on upgrade and thereafter hence the absolutely ridiculous number of alphanumeric updates lately, sorry about that - I'm hoping I'll have it fixed in the version I'm working on but I can't reproduce the issue.

    Some option for parsing the output would be a good idea but I'll need to think some more on how would be best to do that. A floating button that switches output between verbose and quiet maybe?

    How about a drop down list of pools that have been setup that shows in the miner settings panels? There's still a lot of work left to do on pool organisation 

    I'm going to take your advice and start releasing versions on forums before they go live! Please test this version:

    • Hopefully fixes the crash on launch bug I can't reproduce
    • MASSIVE change to the API data fetch in the backend - Table now shows multiple devices similarly named from different IPs e.g. two GPU0s 
    FOR THIS VERSION ONLY because it's not an official version Networked Miners MUST be added in this format:

    with the http:// and the port - however, 

    should now work as well

    • Implementation is buggy in this non-version, but it doesn't let you launch a CPU Miner unless you've set up the corresponding pool
  • edited February 2014
    - I don't mind (and Ithink it's good from a technical standpoint) to have the log of what is happening. The problem is that you've configured MacMiner to a maximim log view which stops the user from seeing what happened 2 hours ago for example. What's most important though is the initial log when the miner starts and being able to rewind logs to see if something went wrong. A button to chose between verbose and quiet mode could be a good addition for those who don't want to see what's happening in the background.

    - A drop down list of pools that have been set up would be and excellent addition. You should also have an option to delete those pools (in the Preferences) if necessary.

    - Releasing versions on the forum first is an excellent idea. It puts less pressure on you and gives you more time to evaluate the code without having to rush to release a final workable version. Users tend to be very demanding (even if the app is free) and expect the app to be free of major bugs when they use. You have to make it clear though that it's a Beta. You could actually even have a beta section in the download page so that it's clear what it what.

    - Downloading it now. Will report once I've tested it.
  • the max is in there to prevent memory hogging, but you can set max log length in the Preferences - I should probably make unlimited an option! 

    I think I will go back to having a permanent beta branch, if someone's using a brand new ASIC they can always grab that one
  • I do understand. The first part of the log though shouldn't be flushed. It gives the user a reference to know when the miner started and under what conditions.
  • It would probably help me bug fix things for people too!

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