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Maxcoin a joke?

edited February 2014 in General
Is Maxcoin a complete joke? The wallet app doesn't even work properly... Anyone with experience on how to set up the app as it doesn't seem to be synchronising anything, and the Preferences don't work either...


  • I finally found out by registering in a Pool. Here is how:,19.0.html
    Let me say that those who created this currency are nowhere serious and very sloppy. The Preferences of the wallet don't work, the app icon is simply inexistent, I even went into the info.plist file to find out that they haven't even updated the information. It still refers to Bitcoins... No comment! 
  • A lot of currencies look as though they could do with a bunch more work, I think though you have to keep in mind that they're launched on a protocol ideal, and whether they really take off depends whether people dig the tech changes behind the currency. MaxCoin is new so it'll still have a lot more of these things hanging around, but  even Litecoin could be accused of taking too much from Bitcoin, just look at Litecoin-Qt!
  • I believe that most of people who mine are actually not really interested in all the details of how those currencies work. They just want things to work.

    At least all the other coin wallet apps that I have tested work properly without any fiddling of configuration files. What I don't understand is why the guys who worked on the MaxCoin put so much effort onto this but someone the most important part (wallet) is simply ridiculously wrapped. Anyways I managed to make it work but still MacMiner seem to be stopping the hashing randomly.
  • Disregarding DogeCoin, I think coin concept is very important to long term success. I figure the problem with the wallet is probably an overlooked mac issue, though I haven't tried it myself.

    MaxCoin only started at the beginning of the month - if these issues still exist a month or two from now I'll side with you on this one :)
  • What's true though is that the Maxpool I was in closed recently :D

    Luckily I was not active on that pool!!

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