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No devices detected!

edited February 2014 in General
I stopped MacMiner edited the "Devices/manual flags" from empty to "-S all" (without the double quotes), saved and hot START.  Now get "No devices detected", I have tried stopping MM and clearing that field and saving the conf file but on re-START I still get the same.  I had the Red Fury's running earlier ok.  What do I need to do to get them working again?


  • Try FPGA/ASIC window or CG window depending which you've already been trying - also open Activity Monitor and make sure there are no spare cgminer or bfgminer processes running please

    What OS version are you using?

    It may also help just to restart mining a few times, detection is sometimes confused :)
  • I'm running OS v10.9 Mavericks.

    Activity Monitor doesn't show any spare cgminer or bfgminer processes running.  Tried restarting mining a few times, nothing!  I'll reboot, and see if that helps...
  • In that case use the ASIC window, if you still have no luck please delete the


    file and let me know whether that helps? If so it'll have been a bug in resetting the option not to use -S all

    FYI it's better to use -S bfl:all where bfl is the device type, that's what the buttons set in the settings panel - bfgminer does sometimes get confused mixing devices up!
  • Firstly, the OS had decided to close USB devices due to them drawing too much power!  Odd one that, as all the miners are in a USB3.0 9 port powered hub.  Anyway, I eventually got them back by a Mac Sleep followed by a Mac Restart.  That got them back and I could see all three Red Fury miners in the /dev directory.  Then starting MacMiner only kept on "seeing" BF0, so stopped MM and restarted a few times, eventually it could "see" all three Red Furies, I'm back mining now at 7.6Gh/s.  Thanks for your help.
  • That's really interesting, how to you find out that was what had happened? checking /dev ? This could be very useful for troubleshooting other people using Fury miners!
  • A messagebox poped up on the screen plus I couldn't see any devices in the /dev directory and the blue numbers against the Furies on the powered USB hub were off.
  • A messagebox? That's pretty handy. I'll make sure to recommend the /dev check in similar cases from now on, thanks :)

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