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cgminer updated to 3.12.3

After a few buggy releases in quick succession, The version of cgminer available for download at has been updated to 3.12.3

New releases: 3.12.3 - 8th February 2014

Palindromic double hotfix release... 

Human readable changelog:

- Fix for the sitting idle doing nothing bug.
- Add temperature to API devs call for hashfast devices

- Brought back USB reset attempts on communication errors.
- Fixed the need for adding icarus-timing when overclocking antminer U1devices.

Full changelog:

- Put the hashfast temperature into the cgpu structure so that it shows up in
the devs API call.
- We shouldn't block on no work situations directly from the getwork scheduler

- Adjust antminer U1 timing according to command line frequency set, fixing the
need for icarus timing on the command line.
- Read pipe errors that don't clear are worth attempting to reset the usb.
- Revert "Do away with usb resets entirely since we retry on both pipe and io
errors now and they're of dubious value."

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