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I'm not getting payed regularly!

edited January 2014 in Pools
 I'm mining litecoin constantly and graph shows it (d7xt), but for  some blocks I dont get payed! Graph shows 1.4Mh\s average over 12 hours, but for last two blocks (10:29 and 10:51,30th january) I didnt get payed (i'm not in the block payout list, but i am on the graph)!
For every block I get arround 0.04LTC, so according to my wallet balance I am sure i missed a few payouts. This is not the first time it happened, a few days ago i mined for 10 hours for nothing, even though a few blocks were found in that time.
Is something wrong with the pool payouts or am I being hacked somehow?

Any help is much appreciated...


  • edit...
    the block has just been found (at 12:12, 30.jan) and I got payed 0.078, which is double than I earn for one block, which means I got payed for the previous block also (10:51), but one before that is still unpayed... 
    10:29 - not payed (0.04LTC)
     10:51 - not payed (0.04LTC) (payed in next block)
    12:12 - payed (0.078 instead of 0.04LTC) 
    ... it might look like a small loss, but it happened a few times already...
  • Hey, I checked it out and it looks pretty normal, have you compared your income to what a calculator predicts your average earnings should be?  You don't get paid out for every block, but for every block found at a time when there's a line on the second graph under your address.

    indicates you should earn about 0.57 LTC / Day on average at 1400kh so it seems you're doing pretty well!
  • Hi, thanks for answering... I haven't been able to log in until now...

    Can You please clarify that second graph for me? As You see on the upper graph, I was mining constantly but there is no payout line for last 12 hours on the lower graph!?! Why wouldnt I be payed for last half day of mining (3 blocks found)?

    This pool seemed much more efficient for me than others, but for last 2 days I got payed for 2 blocks only (out of 6 or so), with 1.4Mh, so now I'm wondering whats wrong...

    I actually get arround 9LTC/month because this is my primary PC...

    So, please tell me if You know, why is there no line on the second graph sometimes? What does it depend on?

    Thank You

  • Two reasons, you see on the main page of the pool it talks about shares, and time to share? Those shares it's counting are payout shares. Every share you hash is like a lottery ticket, only some of them are winners - those winning shares are what award payouts, but because it's luck based you could find more or less for any given period than expected - 12 hours is too short a time to measure efficiency by.

    Luck is also the reason why until the last 2 days you've been seeing higher payouts than on other pools. It should even out.

    The second reason is that your hash rate sometimes halves, and was for about 12hrs recently - I'm guessing that's when you're using the PC?
  • You're right, it's the first time I have a good gpu, so I might as well use it for fun sometimes :)

    I thought the only gambling part of the game was pool luck, but it looks like even if your pool finds a block it's a gamble will you get payed for it or not! weird... but ok, it all evens out on a monthly basis...

    Another question I have, please. I saw on block explorer that there is different time passed between blocks (for whole LTC network), sometimes 1 minute, sometimes severeal minutes... on this pool today there were two blocks found with 29 seconds between them! I thought there should be blocks on every 2 minutes on LTC network. Is there several minutes passed between blocks because there were no transactions in that time? and what about those two blocks with 29s in between?
  • it's the same explanation really, blocks are on average every 2 minutes but it's a game of luck solving a block which is what pools and solo miners are trying to do. If the average ends up higher or lower than 2mins/block the difficulty adjusts to bring the average back to 2.
  • Everything is a lot clearer now, thank for all the explanations...
    Keep the Panda fabulous :)
  • Hi. I'm new at this. Started mining Bitcoins 2 weeks ago. After a few days I received my first payments. Had to shut down and restart but I haven't seen any payments in the last week. The miner has been running constantly and there have been many accepted blocks. I see on the web site that activity is being recorded to my address beginning in 1EoMm but I don't understand why I'm not seeing payments. Can you provide an explanation?

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