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cgminer updated to 3.11

The version of cgminer available for download at has been updated to 3.11

Most of the changes are HashFast related:

- A proper working hashfast driver tested working on a real device, including the windows version.
- Substantially updated BAB driver courtesy of Kano. Hopefully he can give us a summary of the changes there.
- Generic fixes for the reconnect bug on btcguild (unsure if other issues still exist).
- Work is discarded on a stratum reconnect message from the pool now (as btcguild uses) to avoid working on invalid work on switching URLs.
- Fixed the stuck line at the top of the log window.
- Message about block change detected no longer mentions longpoll.
- API now has a field "Last getwork" in summary which can be used to see that we are still getting work from pools. This is useful if you are trying to determine if a device is dead for device reasons or simply isn't getting work from any pools. It uses the same numbering in seconds with the "Last Valid Work" returned in the device API. If "Last getwork" is not incrementing, there is no work for any devices.
- Added a --nfu-bits command to allow you to set the clock speed on nanofury/icefury usb sticks. Note that the default was 54 so is now 50 to be in keeping with USB2 power limit standards. This means IT WILL BE SLOWER compared to 3.10.0 unless you change it with this option back to 54. The driver is otherwise unchanged so any other differences you see are pure variance.
- Threads names have been changed so they will show up with different, consistent names in your process manager of choice.
- Building will now not include libbitfury on every configuration unnecessarily.
- The crash on device removal has been fixed.
- Fixes for lean configurations that failed to build.

- Hashfast driver changes:
-- Should be more robust with respect to initialisation and dropouts
-- If the device stops returning shares, cgminer will reset the device, and if it cannot, it will drop it, which usually allows it to be re-hotplugged again.
-- If a device needs to be reset for not returning shares, and the clockspeed is still overclocked, cgminer will lower the clocks further on every reset.
-- Devices will be throttled if they reach 85 degrees. With water cooling they usually drop in temperature very rapidly. This can be configured with --hfa-temp-overheat
-- Hashrate displayed will be based on valid shares returned so should more accurately represent what the pool will see you hashing at. It will look very unstable initially. Earlier boards do have some loss so the previously displayed hashrate was always over. You can compare the total hashes estimated by this as "Calc hashcount" to compare with "Raw hashcount" the device has worked on in the API stats to see how they differ.
-- Max temp on screen will not show if it's an obvious error showing something like 512
-- The API will show board temperatures
-- Windows builds work
-- Babyjets show up as HFB while Sierras show up as HFS. Custom devices will come up with the generic HFA name. Note that if you are trying to select them with the --usb command, they are all seen as HFA due to the fact that cgminer can only tell them apart after they have been initialised and running.

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