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[IceFury] Need some assistance to figure out how to know if I'm up and running or not?

1) Running 3 ice fury USB sticks but still only see 0.0MH on the apple icon reflecting my running macminer on my iMac….
2) How would I cut and paste a screen snapshot of what it is doing from the monitor to this bulletin board if thats necessary?
3) I have it set up as a BFG miner at this point…. is that my best bet for being included in a mining pool with the hardware I have?
     Thanks for bringing the newbies along for the journey….. ron


  • Hey Ron,

    The FPGA/ASIC or bfgminer window should auto-detect Ice Fury ASICs - is it just not detecting the device? I'm about to recompile bfgminer so if starting a few times still shows no devices that will hopefully be fixed this evening

    cmd-ctrl-shift 4 and then drag an area to screenshot or press spacebar then click a window to screenshot 

    Also, what version of Mac OS are you running?
  • I suppose I could unplug the usb hub and plug it back in again tomorrow morning and see if they show up or not?

    thanks for the screenshot info….

    running OSX 10.7.5  ~ too old of a system to upgrade to mavericks unfortunately… 

  • Is the USB Hub powered and have you tried using them on the Mac's USB ports? 

    If you're using the latest version (1.5.10) and the FPGA/ASIC window still doesn't pick them up give the CG window a shot
  • I am really struggling here…. just doesn't make sense to me…. I cannot figure out how to get any drivers to download so that I can run my ice fury usb sticks….  I must be thick as a brick….  then I read information that says with my OSX version as noted in the previous message that I should be running cgminer rather than bfg?  am I missing something here…. I thought the the current macminer version didn't need a driver download but I have not yet been able to get the program to see me usb sticks???  I went into one site where I downloaded some homebrew script into my terminal window and hope that didn't screw anything up…..I am at this for several hours again and am in need of further suggestions??
  • You shouldn't need to use drivers for ice fury miners, it shouldn't matter which miner you use on 10.7 or 10.8 but cgminer conflicts with default usb serial drivers on 10.9 so there bfgminer is best.

    It's possible you could have done something when you installed bfgminer if you installed an older version of bfgminer on the system, what happens if you put

    brew remove bfgminer

    in Terminal? 
    Also, are you running the latest version of MacMiner?
  • Also if you still can't get it to work in MacMiner try running

    /Applications/ -o -u username -p password

    or the same replacing bfgminer with cgminer
  • I have loaded the most recent macminer software (Version 1.5.19rc1 (1519rc1))  I'm running Mac OS X version 10.7.5.  I have plugged in three asics ice fury miners into my powered usb hub and opened Mac Miner to the GPU miner.  How soon should I expect it to find something to mine and be actively working on?  Right now it says 0.0 MH and although I see the screen marching by I'm not sure that it is actively mining anything…. can you fill me on what I should be seeing and when I know whether its actively mining anything?   Thanks….. ron n.
  • You should use the FPGA/ASIC window or the CG window which should both pick up the fury miners - GPU miner would need some meddling with manual flags :)

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