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How do I join the TripleMining Pool?

edited March 2015 in Pools
I would like to go BTC mining with my CPU, but I can't figure out how to join the fabulouspanda triplemining minipool. Going to redirects to the main triplemining site. If I register there, it creates a new mini pool just for me. It works, but I'm never going to get anywhere by myself.

I'm obviously missing something...


  • You have registered successfully, I see you on my mini pool list - I was curious what other users would see, thanks for the report! 

    The reason it works this way is that everyone who signs up using your 'mini pool' link has their pool fee given to you instead of the pool, so when you sign up through a link you join someone else's mini pool but you also get your own automatically so you can link people and get their pool fee. Everyone on triple mining is in the same main pool, mini pool is a slightly misleading term for who you were referred by really.

    If you haven't already though, log in to the site with the username you already created and click on the Workers tab at the top and create a worker - that's what you put in the pool settings.
  • I have created a worker and it's done a small amount of work, but I see nothing. It appears to belong to my own pool but all the numbers are zero. How do I create a worker in your pool?
  • Everything is set up properly there, I think the problem is that you're CPU mining BTC and it's just too hard these days, you need to get accepted shares to show up on the site with a speed, what are the report speed, accept and reject labels saying?

    If I were you I'd switch to Litecoin mining, and see whether your GPU can mine. You can use the FabulousPanda P2Pool node just by putting an LTC address in the pool settings window.
  • The reported speed is around 15kH and it showed 6 accepted, 0 rejected - of what I'm not sure, are those shares? Blocks?

    I'm considering investing in an ASIC box and really just wanted to test the system out, which is why I went for BTC not LTC. My GPU is a GeForce GT 330 which I understand doesn't work (certainly bfgminer does nothing.)

    Which brings me to my next question. At, for example, 5GH, how long does it take to produce 0.1 BTC? The only example I have is from last June, when it took apparently 12 hours, but how has the difficulty changed since then?
  • ah, that's understandable.

    The difficulty has been skyrocketing since the advent of the ASIC era - today at 5Gh you'd on average earn 0.0021 BTC a day. 

    The difficulty changes a bit less than every two weeks and every time that happens you're likely to earn a lower daily average from then on.

    Bitcoin mining as a hobby is easy - but Bitcoin is an economy and mining is an Industry so making a profit relies on making the right investments at the right time and then having luck carry you the rest of the way… I'm going to write a blog article about it soon!
  • Oh I should add that CPU Miner window only works with scrypt like for Litecoin, to CPU mine BTC you need to use BFG Miner window and set cpu threads to the number you have on your machine which is probably 4 or 8
  • So those were litecoins I was mining with CPU miner? If so where were they going? Does the triplemining pool handle both? I understood it was only BTC.

    I have tried to do CPU mining with bfgminer but the output only indicates zero repeatedly. No idea what I'm doing wrong there.
  • If you hadn't set up LTC pools then it was wasted work, otherwise it was working on your LTC pool. Triplemining only does BTC which is why I suggest the P2Pool node for LTC. Have you set the CPU threads in the bfgminer settings?
  • Yes I set up the CPU threads in bfgminer - still produces all zeros.

    I found something interesting in the file
    I guess bfgminer used to default to cpu mining if it found no compatible GPU?  That doesn't seem to be the case any more - you must use a special build that enables cpu mining, and you must invoke it specifically.  The build in MacMiner is apparently capable, but I don't see how to invoke it with the settings available in the GUI.

    However, when I run .//Applications/ -S cpu:auto
    in the terminal it works!  And by works I mean maxes all four of my cores and produces some non-zero numbers, not actually does a useful amount of work. 

    I would suggest if you are going to continue to support cpu mining with bfgminer that it needs another checkbox in the GUI to enable it, either that or make it clear in the docs that it is no longer supported because right now it's very confusing.
  • And FWIW I do think it's useful to be able to do BTC mining on the CPU, if only as a proof of concept and for testing purposes.
  • Thanks for figuring that out, the flags for GPU mining were changed recently too which also required a GUI update, I'll fix that for the next version and make it clearer that the CPU Miner window only supports LTC! 

    You should be able to mine on the CPU if you put -S cpu:auto in the manual flags part of the bfgminer settings panel - you may need to set threads to 4 as well though
  • Happy to help!

    Something else that's weird is I'm now apparently able to do work on my GPU.  I thought the GeForce GT330 M wasn't supported - it wouldn't work for me last night but now apparently it is.  Go figure...
  • Call me stupid, but I'm seems to be not able to join the FabPanda Tripleminingpool...

    How do I do it?
  • It's not stupidity, it's the reality of the TripleMIning service - It's less of a pool than I was hoping when I started out, it turns out users don't get to see the stats of it, it's more of a referral link attached to 

    That means your fee goes to me instead of the pool.

    I'm going to think a lot about how to make the FP pool services more friendly!
  • I still don't completely understand how triplemining is supposed to work, but it seems to me that a "pool" where you get paid based more on how many people you sign up rather than how much work you do bears a stunning resemblance to a pyramid scam.  Maybe there's a key difference in the details that I've missed.

    For the last week I've been mining over at which is a massive pool, but it seems to pay directly based on your work and nothing else.  So far I've made about a cent...
  • It doesn't work like a pyramid scam, for instance if you sign people up with your affiliate link all after you sign up with mine their pool fee goes to you and I don't get any of that. For people who signed up without a referral link like me, my pool fee goes in to a weekly jackpot one user of TripleMining gets every week. So in a way it's like a pool with no fee, but a complex payout mechanism. is a good pool too though!
  • edited February 2015
    Hi, I have signed up to triple mining, but every time i start my mac miner under GPU it says authorisation failed, under FPGA/ASIC it says Failed to load any hidapi library

    How to do I resolve this?
    It was mining away fine under FPGA/ASIC but has stopped since i updated the settings for triple mining.
  • Is the pool selected from a drop down list in app or how have you entered it? Are you sure to be using the WORKER username/pass and not the ACCOUNT user/pass?
  • I manually pasted the pool, will just try the drop down version instead.. thank you for helping :)
  • Is your worker username entered in the format


  • It does appear to work on FPGA/ASIC, but not CPU
  • So to clarify, GPU and ASIC windows started working since you fixed the username but the CPU window didn't? What error is it generating there?
  • Yep, thats correct. Same error as before and audible "failed authorisation" also
  • Hmm, it sounds as though for some reason while the GPU and ASIC windows have loaded the new configuration the CPU miner has not - I'm afraid it's been a while and I don't have the actual code in mind but I'd suggest quitting MacMiner and opening it again ^.^

    If the CPU window still fails to work please paste the error from it here, but it does sound like a pool login failure issue… 

    Also make sure CPU window is set to mine Bitcoin?

    I hope your electricity is free!
  • Thank you :)

    Yep, i live off grid so I use solar panels, could do with summer getting here quickly tho!

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