Help needed :) What to mine on hackintosh ? Eth ? Doge ?

I'm discovering the beautiful world of mining ..; But I'm a mac user and as we all know it's not easy :( even more when you are a hackintosh user.
My GPU is a rx570 and I'd like to make use of it !
Is there still a way to mine eth on mac ? what other coin is good to try ?
I've tryed LTC with F2Pool on GPU Miner but perf are very low : 16,7kh/s and error : [2021-05-31 11:19:28] Pool 0 is hiding block contents from us
Someone can help ?


  • How much VRAM does the RX570 have? I think you need at least 8GB for ethereum mining at this point. Should be able to CPU mine it though.

    GPU mining is very slow on Mac in most cases though as the drivers are bad.

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