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New user of sgminer on OSX

**I'm new to all of this. I can install sgminer, I can fire up the Terminal, and I can get it running with the command:


**I've verified it starts because I can see it in the Activity Monitor
But it throws warnings and starts asking for details. I've gotten some insight from the AtomMiner site (I've pasted everything from the AtomMiner Mining Pool site at the very bottom of my post here) , and I enter the following stuff, but then sgminer just quits. **

[01:11:29] * using Jansson 2.7
[01:11:29] WARNING: GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT is not specified!
[01:11:29] WARNING: GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS is not specified!
[01:11:29] Need to specify at least one pool server.
Input server details.

(For the URL I have entered this line from AtomMiner site, with a real MaxCoin wallet address. Note I have difficulty set to lowest:)

-a keccak -o stratum+tcp:// -u -p d=1,bench

User name:

**(For User name, I make up a name here, should I do that at AtomMiner website?)


**(For Password I make up a password here, should I do that at AtomMiner website?)

(Then for all the below stuff I enter the following, leaving Algorithm blank and hit Enter, and then sgminer quits.)**

Pool name (optional):
Description (optional):
MaxCoin Mining Pool
Profile (optional):
Algorithm (optional): (I leave this blank, and just hit Enter, and sgminer quits)


Here's everything from the AtomMiner Mining Pool site:

You can connect your miner to our pool using following command:
-a -o stratum+tcp://: -u [-p ]

is your valid wallet for the currency your mine. Please use valid coin wallet otherwise stratum login will fail.

field is used to pass additional connection/mining options to the pool. Supported options are:
d=x Requests initial miner difficulty from the pool. If this value is lower than minimum vardiff setting, the minimum diff will be granted to the connected miner. Requested diff will only guarantee starting difficulty, which will be dinamically adjusted by the pool to ensure the best hashrate/payout for every connected miner. Example: -p d=1 will set difficulty 1 upon miner connection.
bench Tells pool server to request miner's benchmark once in a while.
Options can be combined by separating them with "," (comma) sign. Example: -p d=128,bench
, and values can be found in the following table:
Algo Coin Host Port Miners Hashrate Fee
keccak MAX 5133 39 63.1 Gh/s 0.5%


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