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tpruvot-sgminer 5.3.9 fatal error after config save

how can I fix this issue?

It worked fine when I used this command

./sgminer -k tribus -o stratum+tcp:// -u sMuKjprPUVMHAYJmZ4KuAYKTbCtw1srvad -p “” -I 14

but when I saved config and try to run again it came up with.

[14:27:44] Startup GPU initialization... Using settings from pool
[14:27:44] Startup Pool No = 0
[14:27:44] Building binary tribusHD Graphics 4000gw256l8ku0.bin
[14:27:45] difficulty changed to 0.250
[14:27:45] Error -11: Building Program (clBuildProgram)
[14:27:45] :72:10: fatal error: '' file not found

include ""


[14:27:45] Failed to init GPU thread 0, disabling device 0

tried to delete the download file but it does not work.
and I do not have enough knowledge about mac os to resolve this issue.

Can you help?


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