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MacMiner 1.5.62 report

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3, GTX 1060 6G, Intel Core i7 7700. All tests were done with Nicehash servers. In all 4 tests the miner does not appear in Nicehash dashboard.

CPU miner (Cryptonight):
Doesn't shows hashrate and doesn't submit shares (it does shows mining)

GPU Miner (Lyra2Re2, Neoscrypt):
Shows hashrate but doesn't get accepted or rejected shares.
gen_stratum_work() - algorithm = lyra2rev2
[09:55:24] [THR0] Generated stratum merkle 04096c10d80c8296d512eb35a3bcd6f4ebaf71a22396249b7b0b187c7cd227aa
[09:55:24] [THR0] Generated stratum header 00005004c17060f3fdf3b0b75f21595ba8b05dd1a9711f9a893b48710ed8d74f869050b604096c10d80c8296d512eb35a3bcd6f4ebaf71a22396249b7b0b187c7cd227aa5a8a829c1b01dddc00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
[09:55:24] [THR0] Work job_id 0000001e61916a32 nonce2 5 ntime 5a8a829c
[09:55:24] data 00005004c17060f3fdf3b0b75f21595ba8b05dd1a9711f9a893b48710ed8d74f869050b604096c10d80c8296d512eb35a3bcd6f4ebaf71a22396249b7b0b187c7cd227aa5a8a829c1b01dddc00000000 midstate 0fbef5fa028fdaaeea33678f1457820fdf1fe73c241373f49ec2e39549d0d8a7
[09:55:24] [THR0] Generated target 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000feff01000000
[09:55:24] Generated stratum work
[09:55:24] [THR0] Pushing work from to hash queue
[09:55:26] extranonce change requested
[09:55:26] difficulty set to 128.000000
[09:55:26] [THR0] gen_stratum_work() - algorithm = lyra2rev2
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated stratum merkle 3bcb2526906767ac0bd8ec6cb9f374c0c00f0106887436cb624c8a43a6a3c909
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated stratum header 20000000bbefcefe26208f53d71db67dcf69adb63cc8951909374f4fd60eba465c7b73183bcb2526906767ac0bd8ec6cb9f374c0c00f0106887436cb624c8a43a6a3c9095a8a82e81b018e6d00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
[09:55:26] [THR0] Work job_id 0000001e619186e3 nonce2 0 ntime 5a8a82e8
[09:55:26] data 20000000bbefcefe26208f53d71db67dcf69adb63cc8951909374f4fd60eba465c7b73183bcb2526906767ac0bd8ec6cb9f374c0c00f0106887436cb624c8a43a6a3c9095a8a82e81b018e6d00000000 midstate 1d4651edf87d1112b66040862d35d46e2e78dcf3ff745744d41e0651d0bf0b0d
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated target 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000feff01000000
[09:55:26] New block: 5c7b7318d60eba4609374f4f3cc89519cf69adb6d71db67d26208f53bbefcefe... diff 42.1K
[09:55:26] Work stale due to block mismatch
[09:55:26] [THR0] Discarded work
[09:55:26] Work stale due to block mismatch
[09:55:26] [THR0] Discarded work
[09:55:26] Discarded 2 stales that didn't match current hash
[09:55:26] Selecting for work
[09:55:26] [THR0] gen_stratum_work() - algorithm = lyra2rev2
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated stratum merkle 25815eba53312e23d1ea04be8f8c31f3e2edbc9827746b3e7f6d7f0ec8d866dc
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated stratum header 20000000bbefcefe26208f53d71db67dcf69adb63cc8951909374f4fd60eba465c7b731825815eba53312e23d1ea04be8f8c31f3e2edbc9827746b3e7f6d7f0ec8d866dc5a8a82e81b018e6d00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
[09:55:26] [THR0] Work job_id 0000001e619186e3 nonce2 1 ntime 5a8a82e8
[09:55:26] data 20000000bbefcefe26208f53d71db67dcf69adb63cc8951909374f4fd60eba465c7b731825815eba53312e23d1ea04be8f8c31f3e2edbc9827746b3e7f6d7f0ec8d866dc5a8a82e81b018e6d00000000 midstate 2d0cbc37b4f979a97b376a536cfd7f0ece49d1cec44d4aa3bfcb3a1e97fb8096
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated target 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000feff01000000
[09:55:26] Generated stratum work
[09:55:26] [THR0] Pushing work from to hash queue
[09:55:26] Work update message received
[09:55:26] Selecting for work
[09:55:26] [THR0] gen_stratum_work() - algorithm = lyra2rev2
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated stratum merkle 00a68067531ae7dc47f08d18bbeaadf1fb136ab03ef76782a6c4335cab170de0
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated stratum header 20000000bbefcefe26208f53d71db67dcf69adb63cc8951909374f4fd60eba465c7b731800a68067531ae7dc47f08d18bbeaadf1fb136ab03ef76782a6c4335cab170de05a8a82e81b018e6d00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
[09:55:26] [THR0] Work job_id 0000001e619186e3 nonce2 2 ntime 5a8a82e8
[09:55:26] data 20000000bbefcefe26208f53d71db67dcf69adb63cc8951909374f4fd60eba465c7b731800a68067531ae7dc47f08d18bbeaadf1fb136ab03ef76782a6c4335cab170de05a8a82e81b018e6d00000000 midstate 6df4e1c72c95322d849b5b7c0e782e15c1e48e160752924573833791ac2b5d43
[09:55:26] [THR0] Generated target 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000feff01000000
[09:55:26] Generated stratum work
[09:55:26] [THR0] Pushing work from to hash queue
[09:55:26] Work stale due to block mismatch

GPU Miner (Keccak)

Test fail:
Starting…[09:50:01] Set default algorithm to maxcoin
[09:50:01] Global quota greatest common denominator set to 1
[09:50:01] Started sgminer
[09:50:01] * using Jansson 2.7
[09:50:01] Loaded configuration file /Users/komer/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/keccakurls.conf
[09:50:01] CL Platform vendor: Apple
[09:50:01] CL Platform name: Apple
[09:50:01] CL Platform version: OpenCL 1.2 (Oct 31 2017 18:30:00)
[09:50:01] Platform devices: 1
[09:50:01] 0 GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
[09:50:01] Default Devices = all
[09:50:01] set_devices(all)
[09:50:01] Loading settings from default_profile for pool 0
[09:50:01] Pool 0 Algorithm set to "maxcoin"
[09:50:01] Pool 0 devices set to "all"
[09:50:01] Pool 0 lookup gap set to "(null)"
[09:50:01] Pool 0 Intensity set to "8"
[09:50:01] Pool 0 Thread Concurrency set to "(null)"
[09:50:01] Pool 0 Shaders set to "(null)"
[09:50:01] Pool 0 Worksize set to "(null)"
[09:50:01] WARNING: GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT is not specified!
[09:50:01] WARNING: GPU_USE_SYNC_OBJECTS is not specified!
[09:50:01] Probing for an alive pool
[09:50:01] Testing
[09:50:02] Succeeded delayed connect
[09:50:02] Socket closed waiting in recv_line
[09:50:02] Closing socket for stratum
[09:50:02] Failed to parse a \n terminated string in recv_line: buffer =
[09:50:02] Initiating stratum failed on
[09:50:02] Suspending stratum on
[09:50:02] Closing socket for stratum


  • The GPU issues aren't going to be solved with the existing GPU miner, however on that front I have ordered a 1050 so I can test against it when compiling cudaminer which will be added in a future version of MacMiner. Until that time nvidia card support is only a happy coincidence.

    How many threads are you using in CPU miner and what hash rate is each thread getting? If you are mining fast enough for that not to be the issue it must be an issue with nicehash, which is a pain in the ass pool because they use a proprietary miner and sometimes requires special setup on the miner or modded miner versions.

  • Keccak use to be the only algrothim that works with Nicehash. but since around a week ago there isn’t any more orders, so yeah... have tested all the other algrothims but none is working at the moment ^^||

  • @Clement Tang What GPU are you using? You should at the very least be able to use SHA256, scrypt and scrypt adaptive-n.

  • @Lumikor I've compiled ccminer but it's not as straightforward to use as most miners so please do me a favour and give it a shot, first

    Please install the CUDA toolkit 9.1 from here:

    Download this MacMiner with the ccminer binary included:

    Let me know whether you have homebrew installed already and if so whether you have llvm installed

    Try running the ccminer binary in the Terminal like so:

    cd /Applications/
    ./ccminer -a algorithm -o stratum+tcp://pool.address:1234 -u username -p password

    List of possible algorithms (I don't think Lyra2REv2 works but you can give it a shot)
    allium Lyra2 blake2s
    bastion Hefty bastion
    bitcore Timetravel-10
    blake Blake 256 (SFR)
    blake2s Blake2-S 256 (NEVA)
    blakecoin Fast Blake 256 (8 rounds)
    bmw BMW 256
    cryptolight AEON cryptonight (MEM/2)
    cryptonight XMR cryptonight
    c11/flax X11 variant
    decred Decred Blake256
    deep Deepcoin
    dmd-gr Diamond-Groestl
    fresh Freshcoin (shavite 80)
    fugue256 Fuguecoin
    groestl Groestlcoin
    hmq1725 Doubloons / Espers
    jackpot JHA v8
    keccak Deprecated Keccak-256
    keccakc Keccak-256 (CreativeCoin)
    lbry LBRY Credits (Sha/Ripemd)
    luffa Joincoin
    lyra2 CryptoCoin
    lyra2v2 VertCoin
    lyra2z ZeroCoin (3rd impl)
    myr-gr Myriad-Groestl
    neoscrypt FeatherCoin, Phoenix, UFO...
    nist5 NIST5 (TalkCoin)
    penta Pentablake hash (5x Blake 512)
    phi BHCoin
    polytimos Politimos
    quark Quark
    qubit Qubit
    sha256d SHA256d (bitcoin)
    sha256t SHA256 x3
    sia SIA (Blake2B)
    sib Sibcoin (X11+Streebog)
    scrypt Scrypt
    scrypt-jane Scrypt-jane Chacha
    skein Skein SHA2 (Skeincoin)
    skein2 Double Skein (Woodcoin)
    skunk Skein Cube Fugue Streebog
    s3 S3 (1Coin)
    timetravel Machinecoin permuted x8
    tribus Denarius
    vanilla Blake256-8 (VNL)
    veltor Thorsriddle streebog
    whirlcoin Old Whirlcoin (Whirlpool algo)
    whirlpool Whirlpool algo
    x11evo Permuted x11 (Revolver)
    x11 X11 (DarkCoin)
    x13 X13 (MaruCoin)
    x14 X14
    x15 X15
    x17 X17
    wildkeccak Boolberry
    zr5 ZR5 (ZiftrCoin)

    If you get a warning about llvm or libomp please let me know, and if you don't mind, try installing homebrew from here:

    then running
    brew install llvm

    then try running ccminer as above again.

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