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Is MacMiner still under development and if so, how can non-developer help?

Right now I'm using it with NH and I could only run Keccak and it's quite low for 1060 doing around 350Mh (top 400 bottom 300), CPU mining doesn't report so I'm using xmr-stak linked somewhere here.

This application is pretty good, easy to use and configure and most importantly, works (even if I can only mine Keccak ATM)

How can I help beside donations?


  • Hey, thanks for your interest! I still update MacMiner to keep it working and add support for new coins, but it's unlikely I'll add any major features. Right now I just plan to fix a couple of errors that can occur if someone leaves the password blank during pool setup or accidentally include a newline in it and update the included libraries. I'm not sure where to point you though, do you have any specific skills you could put to use?

    I'd always appreciate people hanging around the forum and helping out people with basic beginner questions though.

  • Features wise, I don't see what's missing, to be honest. But I'm only using NH.

    Coinwise, I can only mine Keccak (and as mentioned Cryptonight with xmr-stak), every other algorithm I tried (Again, NiceHash only) is not getting any results with 0 accepted, 0 rejected and no hash rate. Keccak works fine but with lower hash rate then Windows (also mentioned), I guess it's because of the older miner version.

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