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Crash on startup (after password blanc)

So I didn't fill in a password at the CPU mining pool settings.
And that resulted in a crash after that I can't start macminer again.

I already removed
/Users/username/Library/Application Support/MacMiner

The older version MacMiner 1.5.57 can start however which I find weird.
Seems like there's a setting somewhere saved or something that avoids me to start it.
(I want to start the latest version because i want to mine new coins which are only supported in the latest version)

I'm running a desktop with OSX Lion

Hope someone can help

Thanks in advance


  • That shouldn't make a difference between .57 and .58/.59 - is it giving you a crash report you could post? If you've deleted those files and it still won't start the only thing I can think is try a restart because maybe the prefs are being held in memory.

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