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Viability of large scale iMac mining?

Hey guys,
I have access to around 45 iMacs that I could use for mining for about 10 hours a day if I wanted to. About 25 or so of these are Slim Unibodies with GTX 775Ms or Iris Pro 6200s. Of the remaining 20, 10 are Retinas with M390s, and 10 are older computers.

I believe the M390s, 775Ms, and Iris Pro 6200s are pretty good cards. I know these computers can have some pretty serious thermal issues, but assuming these were monitored and I could prevent temperatures from ever exceeding 75 C or so, would mining with these computers be viable? I intend to record some test sessions on each variant to get a better sense of what hash rates I should expect, but if anyone has any ball park numbers I would love to hear them.


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