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Error: No available formula with the name "libhttpd"

hey all, thanks SO much for the help... i'm trying to get a gpu miner to run on OS x 10.9 .... i did the home brew install... go the git instal.... then on the command brew install libhttpd i get that error... is there a new command?


  • edited January 2018

    oh and when i try your xmr-stak-amd-mac0s-nohttp i get this error: JSON config parse error(offset 1923): Invalid value. my drivers are up to date so it tells me.. it did cuda drivers too..

  • so, somehow by a typo or... i really have no idea what i typed cus it was ment to be deleted and i figured just pressing enter would be faster and watching it fail.... it installed


    so then i tried git clone cd xmr-stak-amd git checkout dev cmake -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl . make

    and that gives me

    error: unknown switch `D'

  • A quick brew search seems to indicate it's had a name change from libhttpd to just httpd - I should probably update the article (I'm guessing you're following the blog post?) to pertain to xmr-stak which is the successor to the version I wrote about there.

    lighttpd is a web server that works like httpd I think. In any case, it's something available on homebrew. libmicrohttpd should work too.

    Are you compiling for nvidia? Because the amd version is for amd GPUs. Try the new version which should work for any setup:

    For Nvidia install like so:

    brew tap caskroom/drivers
    brew cask install nvidia-cuda
    brew install hwloc libmicrohttpd gcc openssl cmake
    cmake . -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/usr/local/opt/openssl -DOpenCL_ENABLE=OFF
    make install

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