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Flags / Help Overclocking AntMiner U3v2 within MacMiner?


I am new to bitcoin mining and have been having trouble figuring out how to overclock my antminer U3 v2. I've read up on it and spent hours trying to figure out how to add in the code to have it work out, but can't seem to figure it out. I'm running Mac OS X 10 and had difficulty getting the device to be recognized to begin with, but I fiddled around with lines of code I found online in regards to that issue and got it to work. 

I currently am clocking around 35 gh/s, but I know the device can be overclocked towards 60 gh/s - does anybody have any ideas of flags or text I can insert into the windows within MacMiner itself that will allow me to increase the speed? I am pretty shitty at doing things through terminal, so if anybody has any suggestions and is willing to explain in a detailed enough way for a noob to understand, please let me know. 

I'd really appreciate any help - very frustrated at this point. Thanks!


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