ANTMINER S3 for MacMiner

Hey all,

I am diving into mining head first! I have purchased 2 S3 miners from a friend and should get them in tomorrow. How would I go about setting up the BITMAIN ANTMINER S3s and getting it to mine along with my RockMiner New R Box? I looked at Dogies guide and couldnt find a MacMiner miner installation and setup.

Any suggestions?

the N00b


  • The S3 is standalone - just plug in the ethernet cable and find it's web interface on your network. You can Monitor it in MacMiner's API Output window, but it's self contained.
  • Well all, update on my S3... well i purchased two S3s from someone on CRAIGSLIST.... I trusted the individual due to previously buying 2 Rockminers from this individual... Wellllll.. I lost all communication with him and he has yet to send me the miners... So, I did what i do best... find people. I discovered that he is not located in ST. Louis Missouri, nor his name is what he says it is... What I locate is that he is a 21 year old kid located out of Chicagoland area.... and was popped for Meth possession a few days ago.... :( looks like ill be waiting for my money until this idiot gets out of jail...

    - Sad Panda
  • Ok.. I was able to purchase some S3s from another individual. I am stuck.. I am attempting to access the miners configuration page. When I place its IP address in, it will show that it is not a valid webpage and will not grant me access to the page.. I looked on Dogges comprehensive guide and he has for regular windows but I know mac is a little different. That is why I am still having issues... any guidance will be greatful!!!


  • You mean it's an HTML/XML Error or similar problem when loading the web interface? That happened to me with S3+ after I updated to a newer firmware (quite a long time ago last year) and I couldn't set anything via the partially loaded web interface until I accessed them via SSH and fixed a line of the web UI code as referred to probably by a post on bitcointalk somewhere… Hopefully that gives you the info you need to google fix it, I should have noted it down! 
  • Im actually having an issue trying to access the Configuration page with the IP. IP is is the default IP for the S3... well currently im running 192.168.0.XX and I am having issues trying to get the 0 to 1 so I can access the configuration page. 

  • Are you plugging directly in to a Mac or through a router?

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