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Upgraded Macminer, now bfgminer sees no device.

edited March 2015 in Support
Good day. I was running a Gridseed 5-chip miner, macOS 10.9.5 .. was working fairly reliably but was getting hangs here and there. Decided to upgrade Macminer. Now everything is hosed. bfg Miner does not even see the gridseed.

Any thoughts? When I try to use the GPU window, Macminer tries to use my macs graphics card. I'm so confused right now I may just deinstall everything and start over. I've done the unplug, shut down/ reboot thing. same results.

Also, since I had the gridseed working, I went ahead and bought a Zeus miner. Now I fear i may not get that thing working.

Can get a primer from the beginning with settings to make this work? I thought I knew what I was doing because I had it working. Now, I'm not so sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,



  • OK, tracked some issues down and now have things working.

    I'm now using the 'CPU' window. Somehow, I mixed that up with the GPU window.

    I'm now using these settings in the manual flags window: --freq=800 -G /dev/cu.usbmodem3d21
    Mine: is set to Gridseed (Scrypt)

    The miner is hashing at 1.32 MH. this is the best I've ever done with this miner.

    I will update after I start to play with the Zeus Miner.
  • Ah, glad to hear you got a speed boost! 

    That said, you should be able to use the Gridseed in the GPU window (Or ASIC window for that matter) if configured appropriately.

    In GPU window open up the options panel (cog button), set it to Scrypt and add the manual flags

    -S gridseed:all --set gridseed:clock=800

    or if you have multiple gridseed miners, like so:

    -S gridseed:all --set gridseed@<serial_number>:clock=800 -S gridseed:all --set gridseed@<serial_number>:clock=800
    of course replacing relevant section like so: gridseed@6D85278F5650:clock=800

    Then you can play around with the frequency in increments of +/-25
  • That does not work: I get this message in the GPU window: [2015-03-21 19:27:22] /Applications/ -s: 'et' is not a number

    I have no idea what that means.

    This is what I put in the manual flags: -S gridseed:all -set gridseed:clock=800 /dev/cu.usbmodem3d21
  • In addition, the GPU window continues to reopen/restart even after I close it.
  • The problem is that you need two dashes i.e. -- in front of set, so it's --set not -set
  • edited March 2015
    That auto restart behaviour was put in in case something causes an unexpected stop (my Jalapeño stops every 10mins which breaks bfgminer and requires it to start over)

    The behaviour is very annoying when it's due to an initial setup problem but since USB miners aren't seeing much use I haven't really spent any time on the MacMiner code in the last few months
  • The ASIC window doesn't work either.

    This is the message I get:  [2015-03-21 19:36:49] /Applications/ -c: JSON decode of file '/Users/admin/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/bfgurls.conf' failed
     unable to open /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/bfgurls.conf: No such file or directory

    Again, I'm lost.
  • The ASIC window is set up for SHA256 mining only so you'd have had to set up a bitcoin pool, alternately if the U3 has a temp sensor and you'd like to see the reading a dirty workaround would be to add (again with two dashes)


    in manual flags. Then set up a pool for bitcoin, but enter a litecoin pool. This should allow the temp reading to show up in the API Output window
  • I put the second dash in and (in the GPU window) I then get it to 'load a configuration file' but then it starts trying to use the graphics card. Not sure why it's doing that. At one point I did try to get MAcminer to see my the graphics card and see how much I could get out of it but that was for shit's and giggles and I'm not sure why the software still goes to that hardware. Any thoughts on that?
  • Thanks for any direction you give me. I'm not versed in command line and that's probably why I'm a bit lost. I'm one of those guys who knows just enough to get in trouble. hehe
  • RIght, I forget that the ASIC window won't do scypt. OK, that makes sense although I'm not sure what you mean about seeing a reading?
  • edited March 2015
    The GPU window isn't configured to allow shutting of the GPU unfortunately, so you can either just set the intensity on the gpu miner to -10 so that it doesn't put much strain on the system, or use the workaround from my past post for the ASIC window.

    Most ASICs have a temperature sensor, so if you go to the 'View' menu in MacMiner and show API Output you can see that among other things, plus it won't be using your GPU :)

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