I am dinosaurus

Hi modern people,

I am very new in Bitcoin just 3 months ago.
I dont know how to mine. I just downloaded the MacMiner.
Confusing what is it screens, meanings etc.
Pls help me by informing some little basic matters to start this, in easy words.

Best regards,


  • which best to choose: GPU Miner, or CPU Miner, or FPGA/ASIC Miner ?

  • FPGA/ASIC miner will be used if you are mining bitcoin or litecoin with an FPGA or ASIC miner. Google will tell you what that is.
    GPU miner uses your GPU power to mine, and CPU miner uses your CPU to mine.
    Bitcoin mining uses a GPU or CPU is useless nowadays as your power consumption will result in you paying more than the money you earn mining. I would recommend mining Monero with your CPU if you plan on using MacMiner, of course there is the compiled Monero CPU/GPU miner Panda made.
    So if you are going to mine any coin, make sure the algorithm is first supported by MacMiner! Then, create a wallet and join a pool. Select your algorithm in the pool preferences and input your pool address and username + password.
    this may seem confusing, don't worry ask if u need help

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