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  • tried different interleave settings between 35 and 50. no change to the interleave 45 printing. but i think this is only consmetic.
    in xmr stak 2.10? Comment by pon March 16
  • now it works. thanks a lot. strange enough on the imac with 10.13 there is no homebrew installed. what are thes opencl interleave msgs? never seen them before. autoconfig for amd seems to be a lot better on the new version, 2 threads for each …
    in xmr stak 2.10? Comment by pon March 14
  • @pon said: update from 10.12.1 to 10.12.4 sorry, 10.13.1 to 10.13.6 ;-) but then it worked. on a mac pro with 10.14.3 i get the msg WARNING: AMD cannot load backend library: dlopen(libxmrstak_opencl_backend.dylib, 1): Library not lo…
    in xmr stak 2.10? Comment by pon March 14
  • thnx for your steady work. works good for me on different macs. for some i had to update from 10.12.1 to 10.12.4 (without update you get error 4 when compiling for opencl starts). on the non gpu macs you get a opencl error on start but it's only cos…
    in xmr stak 2.10? Comment by pon March 13
  • @FabulousPanda said: There's also some suggestion that the illegal instruction error when compiling the OpenCL kernel could be down to damaged OpenCL libraries (N.B. Apple didn't remove…
  • i don't think this is an error, only a notification which is triggered by the auto setting. goes away with changing the cpu settings as mentioned by fabulouspanda
  • thx, the new b-version works again on the imac 27. on the mac pro same problem as with 2.4.3. starts to compile the open cl bin and stopps with error, illegal instruction: 4
  • thx for your work. already tried. cpu version works fine, amd version works also but without amd ;-) this means only cpu, no amd (tried on an imac 27 and on a mac pro)
  • thx
  • that's expected behavior ;-) if you don't like the lag take the cpu version.
  • amd fire pro d300
  • new version work again, cpu only on all machine i tried. amd only on the imac. on the mac pro the same msg as on the imac on first run (openclbin not found, compiling). but the "illegal instruction 4" and it stops. on the imac it compiles and the mi…
  • i also run it on an imac without problems. same system config. with 2.4.3 there is another problem (different thread)
  • did someone managed to run the 2.4.1 amd version on a mac pro with 10.13?
  • on a Mac Pro with 10.13.1 I get a compiling error: [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : Mining coin: monero7 [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : Compiling code and initializing GPUs. This will take a while... [2018-04-09 13:06:47] : WARNING: using non AMD device: Apple …