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Instructions for Use of Sealless Control Self priming Pump

New users will need to know some instructions when purchasing the unsealed automatic self-priming pump.
1. After the installation of the self-priming pump is completed, the discharged medium can be filled from the inlet as the initial drainage, and then no further drainage is required.
2. Please tighten the cap of the drain port, and the cap leaks, affecting the self suction effect.
3. The filter screen with buffer plate structure at the bottom of the liquid suction port can be installed to avoid damaging the self-priming pump due to excessive particle suction and affecting the self-priming function of the unsealed self-priming pump.
4. When pumping concentrated sulfuric acid, it is forbidden to use water as drainage to avoid personal and equipment failures.
5. Before starting, check whether the main shaft of the self-priming pump is flexible, which can be checked by inching, and the running direction should be consistent with the mark.
6. The weight of the suction and discharge pipes shall not be supported on the outlet flange of the self-priming pump, but shall be fixed on the support frame. The support frame shall be purchased by the user. All parts of the pipe connection shall be tight and air tight, otherwise the self-priming performance and flow head will be affected.
7. When pumping the liquid with crystals or sediments, if the pump is not used for a long time, the accumulated liquid in the pump should be drained to avoid crystals or sediments left in the pump, which may cause damage when the pump is started again.
8. If there is no crystal or sediment in the pump suction, if it is stopped for a long time for secondary use, you can check whether the liquid is sufficient from the drainage port. If not, it can be insufficient before self suction.
9. When pumping liquid, the flow, lift and suction head shall be strictly controlled within the specified range of the selected model. Otherwise, it will cause motor overcurrent fluctuation and affect operation.
10. If used in containers below the ground.
11. If the self-priming pump is used in an environment below the liquid level.
12. If liquid is supplied to high level tank or water tower.
13. When the medium with bubbles, high lift, large specific gravity and excessive static pressure of the water column in the outlet pipeline system is discharged, the exhaust speed can be accelerated and the self-priming time can be shortened.
14. In case of fire fighting system of water pressure pool, the water outlet time shall be shortened to a greater extent.
15. It is used instead of pipeline pump and closed circulating system.
16. The drainage outlet, overflow outlet, vent, self-priming exhaust device and outdoor cover are all independent of the system connection.
17. If it is designed to be used in an environment where the liquid outlet speed is required, the diameter of the suction pipe of the self-priming pump cannot be expanded, otherwise the liquid suction speed will be affected.

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