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Where's the Meerkat?

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How much does it cost?
Three levels are available for free, and the rest can be unlocked by a one time purchase of £1.99. Price varies by territory, but that one in app purchase unlocks the whole app.

Can I turn off the music, sound effects or animations?
Yes, in the 'Game Options' view accesible from the menu of levels.

How do I reset my progress?
Currently the only way to do that is to delete the app and download it again, however we will be adding a control for this in the 'Game Options' view in a future update.

How do I unlock the game on one device if I bought it on another?
If you have unlocked the full game on one device, for instance your iPhone, you can then unlock it on any other device logged in with the same Apple ID. So on your iPad, Mac, or secondary iPhone you download Where's the Meerkat from the App Store, and then go to the 'Game Options' view where you will find a 'Restore Purchases' button. Click that, and it will unlock all the games. You may have to quit and reopen the app if it doesn't work immediately.

Get the app for iPhone, iPad or Mac here on the App Store:
Where's the Meerkat

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Where's the Meerkat?