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Im new at mining. I'm running a mac and I'm mining at this pool:

but i just receive these messages all the time:

[2014-12-15 22:47:21] Stratum requested work restart
[2014-12-15 22:47:21] thread 1: 7721084 hashes, 2449 khash/s
[2014-12-15 22:47:21] thread 3: 10065020 hashes, 2454 khash/s
[2014-12-15 22:47:21] thread 2: 9412192 hashes, 2469 khash/s
[2014-12-15 22:47:21] thread 0: 7272420 hashes, 2046 khash/s

Can anyone tell me why is not mining?



  • It looks to me as though it IS mining, on 4 CPU threads, which if Paycoin difficulty is anything like pretty much every other coin these days is probably not enough for your to find a share… even if you did at CPU speed it's unlikely you'd reach any minimum payout thresholds!

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