Still Testing

Is Macminer still getting support? Does anyone use the forums? I have had some early success and want to build on this. I have posted a couple of threads in tech support


  • [2014-08-30 09:46:28] DEBUG: hash > target (false positive)
    Hash: 0000000029151e15b8094f13941f70a8fc0bb33c31e5263c14da028fad027532
    Target: 000000001fffe000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    [2014-08-30 09:46:31] DEBUG: job_id='24ff9' extranonce2=00000000 ntime=5401d5b5
    [2014-08-30 09:46:59] DEBUG: job_id='24ffa' extranonce2=00000000 ntime=5401d5d1
    [2014-08-30 09:46:59] Stratum requested work restart
    [2014-08-30 09:47:01] DEBUG: job_id='24ffb' extranonce2=00000000 ntime=5401d5d1
    [2014-08-30 09:47:29] DEBUG: job_id='24ffc' extranonce2=00000000 ntime=5401d5ef
    [2014-08-30 09:47:59] DEBUG: job_id='24ffd' extranonce2=00000000 ntime=5401d60d

    what are the false positives?
  • I think the false positives are where it thought it had solved a share but the pool rejected it. You'd have to ask luke-jr who makes bfgminer to be sure!

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