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Does fabulous panda payout daily ?


  • If you're mining fast enough it usually does, the pool is a node of P2Pool and you get paid out every time it finds a block which at the moment is about every 8 hours for the Bitcoin node and every 2 hours for the Litecoin node. If you're mining slower than about 10Gh/s for BTC or 50kh/s for LTC you may see less regular payouts. You should always track your BTC/LTC address on the Graphs page of the node(s) of that you're using. Thanks for using the Fabulous Panda Pool!
  • Wondering about that. I've been hashing around 150kh/s for a couple of days, and so far no payout at all. The graphs page shows my work, but I've seen nothing being paid, neither on the P2Pool page or the Litecoin Scout page. Any ideas? Thanks!
  • What's your LTC address? If you put the Graphs page on weekly view and look for 


    You'll see how regular the payout is for someone else at your speed - I guess even 150kh is only just enough these days!
  • Hmm, not sure that really clears anything up. Here's my address:


    Maybe I'm just not getting the jargon. Wouldn't be the first time!
  • Your address is up there and you're definitely mining - but it says only at 67kh/s not 150 unfortunately! You should still get payouts every week though. What does it look like in app?
  • What is Fabulous Panda's P2Pool "miner dust" threshold for payouts? (Most other pools are typically in the 0.02BTC to 0.00005 BTC range.)
  • Well it changes hour to hour, but right now it's 0.017 which is a new record with the big increase in the network speed! You can always check the lowest payment at at the bottom of the 'Payout' page
  • I decided to jump into mining last night.  I am curious as to when I would start to see my BTC Address listed in the payouts.  I don't believe I am mining at any incredible speed.  Based on the comments above I believe I am around Agateman's speed.

    My BTC Address: 1AV519vumXKgJXPy9MJsoKkrVXSd8o

    I have noticed that others have had payout amounts change since last night.

    I just want to confirm that things are progressing forward and I am not just spinning cycles and not realizing that there is a problem.

    Thanks for your assistance

  • Uh oh, you're not showing up on the graphs page with that address:
    what is set up in pool settings?
  • FabulousPanda,

    I sent you an email with screen shots.


  • FabulousPanda,

    Thank you for your quick response to my email. 


    I was attempting to GPU mine with a BTC address.  You can only GPU mine with a LTC address.  Only remaining question I have at this time is how quickly would I have seen my address posted under payments if I had the correct LTC address?


  • Hey no problem - it was actually that CPU Miner doesn't mine BTC but bfgminer can GPU mine it - but there isn't really any point any more so better off using it for Litecoin. You were mining at 70kh so you should get a few payments a week from the Fabulous Panda P2Pool node!

  • Hi FabolousPanda

    How do I confirm whether I am in the pool. 
    My BitCoin address is : 19pPPmvNTwpHgHsxxpJBXsdapCEByLSBFX

    Does my PC and the BFG Mining Client  have to be constantly on ? 

    How do I set threshold amounts. For example once I have mined 0.00125 BitCoin the amount must transferred to my wallet ?

    Kind Regards
  • I don't see you on the BTC node, you check for your address here:

    If you're going to mine it's best to be mining constantly

    Threshold amounts are set by p2pool which has a higher difficulty than most pools, so if you're mining over 200kh/s you get several shares/payouts a day and below that with less predictable luck
  • First, thanks for doing this!

    I'm new as well as was just looking for my various stats. I see myself listed in the graph stats for today which is good news. Looks like I'm doing about 50mh/s which checks out with the stats I see locally. I didn't see myself on the payout page tho for today nor has any transactions show up in my wallet. (14Sba7F9DY3gXxGeTF35DNLuTX5pAXsjac is my address FWIW)

    How often is the payout page updated and then if one shows up on the payout page how long should it take before it shows up in your wallet?

    Thanks again!

  • Unfortunately 50mh/s is really too slow for BTC mining on P2Pool, it would really just be a matter of luck whether you see a payout or not - I'd recommend Litecoin mining or an ASIC :S Sorry about that!
  • Umm wait. Previously you were saying to someone about doing 200kh/s they'd potentially see a few payments a week. I'm doing 50mh/s which is 20x that that's entirely too slow? That strikes me as quite odd.

    Yes I'll be stepping up to ASIC hardware in the next week. Package is on the way.

    Also I did ask about how often was the payout page updated and what was the amount of time between a payout and when it would show up in one's wallet.

    Thanks for the info.
  • Ah I see how that's a bit confusing, it's very different Bitcoin and Litcoin mining, if you had 50mh/s Litecoin mining you'd make a lot of money but you probably have about 50kh/s Litecoin mining - Litecoin mining is much harder and thus slower for a computer but ASIC resilient.

    The payout page is updated constantly, when there's a line on the second graph under your payout address on the Graphs page that's how much you'd be paid out if a block was found now, which happens about thrice a day on the BTC node and 10 times a day on the LTC node, but if you mine at low speed the time between payouts is unpredictable and P2Pool has a higher luck factor than most pools.

    I hope that helps! What kind of ASIC hardware do you have on the way?
  • Thanks much! That helps.

    On my Mac Pro yeah just seeing 18 kh/s for litecoin :-) My much newer mac book pro seems to think it's doing ~2uBTC/hr. Still.

    I picked up a few ASICMINER Block Erupter Sticks as a "get my feet wet" rig for BTC. Should be here any day now. My expectations are quite low but for getting started gear they are super cheap and don't use much energy. Should get me into the 1Gh/s which obviously isn't much. I plan to replace them soon.

    I've been looking at something from butterfly labs. It looks like lots of people had a long wait for their 5GH/s hardware which makes me wonder about preordering their 300 or 600 GH/s cards. Still shopping. Any recommendations?
  • I think the first generation of Mac Pro gets about 18kh in cpuminer and depends what video card in bfgminer but the default intensity is quite low for litecoin so you might want to adjust that.

    I wouldn't go for the next gen BFL stuff which is a shame as they'll work with MacMiner rather than be standalone devices but kncminer deliver and it looks as though cointerra and hashfast are going to start soon too. It's getting more expensive to make a profit though unfortunately!
  • Those are good pointers thanks. It's too bad that all these systems are something you have to pay for well in advance and not receive for several months meanwhile the difficulty continues to rise.

    Take cointerra. Nice machine. No hardware until April is an interesting gamble. Hashfast, pay now, nothing till March. KNC similar situation tho they indicate Q1 or Q2 2014.
  • Yeah but on the rare occasions where you do manage to do a little difficulty projection based on the miners on the way and a fixed timeline for your delivery you can get a really nice deal, either of the first knc batches made money within a month of delivery. If I thought I could get a new gen BFL device in January I'd get one, but only because the fact that I make MacMiner would push that over the edge…

    The big thing is really how much hash power will come on to the network next year… I'm hoping the constant huge rises since ASIC will make people project too high going forwards so we can all raise our profits a bit…
  • I switch my Mac Pro miner to the fabulouspanda pool for BTC. Admittedly it only generates 35-55 Mh and I only switched it over yesterday, but I don't see anything on the Graph page with my BTC address. When would it show up?
  • What's your BTC address? It should show up within 10 minutes. That speed is really too low for P2Pool, you'll just be hoping on luck to get an unusually high payout…
  • My BTC address is 17axTf91sb2AG9txtbzmXM6JdHswgjk4Tc.

    Right now, I'm in another pool with a small ASIC/Pi rig, so I'm playing in other pools with my Mac Pro just to see the differences.
  • You are showing up here, but only as finding two shares a day:

    At which rate payout is very unlikely - I'd switch GPU mining over to LTC if I were you!
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    Hoping someone can help me out here.  Doing learn as I go type mining and had 2 questions.
    1. If I am reading your chart right it says I am mining at the Ghash level, but I only have 2 block eruptions around 350 Mhash a piece.  Could someone please explain what I am actually looking at on this graph?
    2.  Could someone please explain how based on this graph I can kind of figure out when my first payout might be?

    I am mining BTC and my wallet ID is 1AWf4ST9jqCLV8NJp6BWMfWrFqhLnwpKJH

  • Hey,

    P2Pool has high difficulty (each shares is harder than on most pools) so you'd need to be going aver about 10Gh to get a straight line - you're seeing bumps of several Gh spaced apart a lot which should on average come out to your mining speed.

    The second graph shows a line of how much payout you'll receive if a block is found now. There is a higher luck factor with P2Pool especially for small miners as you'll get infrequent payments but larger payments - at that speed you'd be leaving a lot to luck really
  • Okay, thank you very much for the explanation.
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    If I'm averaging 10.4kH/s according to the graphs, when can I expect a payout? Ever?

    ETA: mining LTC (via CPUminer, if that matters.)

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