HELP!How to make macminner working?configuration?

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hi..please help me..

this my first ttime try mining...why my macminer not working?

please guide me...

CPU minner still 0

[2015-06-01 09:39:40] 2 miner threads started, using 'sha256d' algorithm.

[2015-06-01 09:39:40] Binding thread 0 to cpu 0

[2015-06-01 09:39:40] Binding thread 1 to cpu 1

[2015-06-01 09:40:11] HTTP request failed: Operation timed out after 30835 milliseconds with 0 out of -1 bytes received

[2015-06-01 09:40:11] json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds

my setup configuration is 


username: my BTC address

password: my BTC address

CPU minner seetup





  • I need to update the documentation - the fabulous panda P2Pool nodes closed some time ago and MacMiner is no longer being so actively developed. 

    That said, CPU mining Bitcoin is impossible these days due to the hugely increased difficulty since ASIC mining. And with only two CPU cores available for mining, you'll struggle even with alt coins.

    If you would like to test mining more in theory than for profit, try replacing the P2Pool address with this:

    At CPU speeds though, you won't really get anywhere, and would be better off trying an alt currency such as litecoin or vertcoin.
  • okay,

    btw, CPU minner no need USB right?
  • Right, the CPU is the main processor in any computer, the GPU is what turns the code in to what you see on the display (but also way faster for mining) and FPGA/ASIC devices are dedicated mining devices which either attach via USB or the network and you access them via a web interface.
  • i try litecoin,when im click start CPU minner,macminner crash,immediatley quit.

    can you suggest me the configuration any currency? the easy one and working..

  • What is the error message on quit? You need a litecoin payout address and to set up a scrypt/litecoin pool

    In pool setup set up a pool for scrypt and use
    with your litecoin payout address as username and password

  • now not crash,but not working...check this code

    [2015-06-01 10:23:04] 2 miner threads started, using 'scrypt' algorithm.

    [2015-06-01 10:23:04] Binding thread 0 to cpu 0

    [2015-06-01 10:23:04] Binding thread 1 to cpu 1

    [2015-06-01 10:23:07] JSON-RPC call failed: {

       "data": null,

       "code": -32601,

       "message": "Method not found"


    [2015-06-01 10:23:07] getblocktemplate failed, falling back to getwork

    [2015-06-01 10:23:07] Starting Stratum on stratum+tcp://

    [2015-06-01 10:23:08] Stratum requested work restart

    [2015-06-01 10:23:08] Stratum requested work restart

    [2015-06-01 10:23:10] thread 0: 4104 hashes, 5.88 khash/s

    [2015-06-01 10:23:10] thread 1: 4104 hashes, 5.88 khash/s

    [2015-06-01 10:23:17] Stratum requested work restart

    [2015-06-01 10:23:17] thread 1: 43608 hashes, 5.90 khash/s

    [2015-06-01 10:23:17] thread 0: 43428 hashes, 5.87 khash/s

  • That means it's working - but still you're not likely to get much/any litecoin because you need more power than you have. If you're lucky, you'll get something! But you'd have to be lucky.

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