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Dear users of MacMiner,

It has been a pleasure helping so many Mac users enter the world of cryptocurrency. For a while now it's been obvious first that miners were moving away from USB interfaces and controllers on a standard computer to network interfaced boxes running Linux, with no need for a controller computer beyond miner monitoring. And now it seems mining may be moving in to corporate environments as it is no longer cost effective for every-day users.

As a result of that shift in the environment it I can no longer justify updating MacMiner regularly as the primary function of it has become near obsolete. The github remains for any who wishes to run MacMiner with updated backends (bfgminer, cgminer, sgminer etc) and I would be proud to see other developers take on the project. The forums will remain although at some point may be modified to include future projects. will be remodelled after I register a UK Limited Company so I can use it for work.

If there is a significant demand for a Mac miner monitoring app I will consider a new app with that focus, or focused on useful suggestions put to me by the user base. If you require assistance with MacMiner or cryptocurrency more generally I will be happy to help with quick enquiries, and if you would like more detailed assistance, set up of rigs, sites or servers, or even a custom app for Apple/web platform, please feel free to contact me and discuss it.

Thank you again for making my work worthwhile, and I welcome any suggestions for the future you may have for me.

All the best,



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    Any help would be greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure thousands of others, if not the hundreds of thousands who used it up to a year ago.

    If you want to take on the majority of future development fork the github and alter it as you wish. I haven't put in place the licences for my code but you can assume it inherits the licence used by cgminer/bfgminer - if I really need to clarify that for legal reasons so you can work on it let me know and it's done.

    If there are just minor changes required for instance bug fixes or OS upgrades that break the app please submit a pull request to the main github and I will check and merge your patches.

    The github is linked on but I should have added it here so this is it:

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