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Hey everyone, 

The forum has just had a major version upgrade so please bear with me, and report and problems if you notice them!

Kind regards,



  • Hi John…seems to be working good now..I have not been able to post at all for the last 3 days…Thanks for the upgrade. I was getting no user ID and was getting booted off having to log in over and over. Every time i tried to post I would get booted….so thanks again

    You had posted a link to KNC miners for referral in another thread we where in. Do you have connections to any other mining hardware? KNC is just outside my budget for 1st time miner. 

    been mining Doge for a couple days with Macminer I have about 200  coins now (whoo hoo)  just using the CPU at 28-42 KH/s…trying to get more out of the GPU but I posted a different thread on that.

    I am in the USA, does it make a difference where the pool is located for  your hash rate (being farther have less performance)? 

  • Sorry about that, it seems a test installation of the new version interfered with the old one! 

    KNC are a bit pricey - as you're in the USA maybe try which has a few options some of which are actually in stock. Maybe try the gridseed $99 device

    Pool being further away can have a minimal latency impact, but with good hosting it shouldn't make a noticeable difference.
  • THANKS !!!! for the heads up on those are the best prices I have seen so far on grid seed and the S1 180GHs to do the calculations and see what will be more profitable. 

    If KNC took credit cards I would probably get one …but don't have $10K or bit coins (yet) 

    BTW how do I know what version of Macminer…I received "update available" and I am at a page looking at a buck oh updates …which one to do?

  • Yeah I just which miner source was based over here in the UK! Everything seems to be twice as pricey here. 

    Generally speaking you just want the newest version of MacMiner at the top of the page, unless you're running 10.6 snow leopard in which case there's a separate version further down.

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