how to set intensity and worksize

hey, i've been using the xmr-stak-amd for macOS, and wanted to thank you for making this! had a question about setting intensity and worksize, is there an optimal setting for my machine? i have a late 2015 imac (radeon r9 m390 2gb). i've experimented with different combinations and found that intensity = 512 and worksize = 8 seems to be giving me the best results (probably around 350-400 H/S) but i was wondering if there was a way other than letting it run and evaluating hash rate to optimize it.

also i do run into the problem that my computer is virtually unusable during hashing, is that to be expected?


  • I've heard that setting your intensity to half your GPU RAM is supposedly ideal so in your case that would be 1024, however trial and error is probably the best approach.

    GPU hashing will severely impact on the usability of the machine while it's in progress, especially with a harsh algorithm like this one unfortunately.

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