Configuration Issues

Hey, I have downloaded the software and installed, I have chosen to use the Run legacy pool config and have then added the details of a BTC wallet that I have but then I get the following message. I guess I have altered a setting maybe.

[2017-10-03 07:22:06] /Applications/ -c: JSON decode of file '/Users/Martyn/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/bfgurls.conf' failed
unexpected newline near '"'

Perhaps someone could let me know and I can update.



  • Why did you decide to use the legacy pool config and did the problem occur immediately afterwards or did you then edit the config manually? I wonder whether I should remove the legacy setup option... it could be broken.

    You could either manually edit the file or delete /Users/Martyn/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/bfgurls.conf and then set up the pool again to fix the issue.

  • does this file directory exist? I can't seem to find it...

  • [2017-10-03 16:36:08] /Applications/ -c: JSON decode of file '/Users/calebpase/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/ltcurls.conf' failed
    unexpected newline near '"cpase.worker1'

  • If you click the 'Go' menu in the finder and select 'Go to Folder' and put /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/MacMiner/ in it'll take you there

    Did that happen after setting up via the legacy config as well?

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